SPECTRE is a distribution service providing 2D maps of Total Electron Content (TEC) over Europe.

This service was set up in 2004 with a collaboration between NOVELTIS, IPGP, CETP, and ETHZ.

This project received initial fundings from:

Service maintenance and new developments are supported by NOVELTIS fundings since 2008

Map of the day

Below is the last TEC map created by the service. The current delay is about 3 days.
The six previous TEC maps are presented at bottom.

Last TEC maps

Click on the figure to see the full MPEG movie of the day (1.6 MBytes).

Latest News

  • 2009/06/25

    Data access has been changed.

  • 2008/11/20

    NOVELTIS is involved in the new european space weather project SOTERIA.
    More information on SOTERIA homepage.

  • 2008/06/18

    Final presentation of SPECTRE project at ESTEC.
    Slides can be downloaded here .

  • 2008/03/26

    Correction of the mapping function.
    TEC maps produced before April 2008 are overestimated (~3 TECu).
    Validation study achieved in 2007 proves this error has no major impact on SPECTRE products quality.

  • 2008/02/12

    Reprocessed TEC maps are now available.
    Modification of TEC maps: relative errors are separately displayed in order to improve readability.

  • 2007/10/10

    The TEC maps produced before November 2005 upgrades are under reprocessing.
    The improved TEC maps will be available for 2008.

  • 2007/10/02

    Evaluation of SPECTRE TEC products was published for the 1st Colloquium Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of the Galileo Programme, October 1-4, 2007, Toulouse,France.
    SPECTRE proceeding can be found here .

  • 2006/09/01

    Data download is now freely available for scientific applications. Enjoy it here !!

  • 2005/12/05

    SPECTRE service was presented at AGU, Fall meeting 2005, San Francisco. The poster can be found here .

  • 2005/11/16

    Upgrade of SPECTRE algorithms in order to avoid boundaries effects.
    Modification of TEC maps: relative errors are now display.

  • 2005/09/23

    Upgrade of SPECTRE algorithms in order to ensure operationality. Service automatically changes the reference receiver if necessary.

  • 2004/10/04

    The ionospheric map distribution service is now open for a one year evaluation period!
    Data download is at the moment restricted to the participants in the SWENET service development network until April 2005, and to the RTE collaborators (IPGP, IPSL, LGTS, Météo-France/CNRM, LGIT, IGN, CEA, ONERA) until September 2006.

Maps of the week

Below are the six previous maps created by the service.

Day D-1
Last VTEC maps
Day D-2
Last VTEC maps
Day D-3
Last VTEC maps
Day D-4
Last VTEC maps
Day D-5
Last VTEC maps
Day D-6
Last VTEC maps
Click on them to see the corresponding full MPEG movies (1.6 MBytes).


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